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Minister Sky-Ceu Kingshill. Founder and Owner

'One of the biggest mistakes we make as worshipers is thinking we need to feel something in order to praise or worship God.

We don't need to feel anything, we just do it because it's a command'

Min. Sky



Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill holds a Master’s degree in Professional Studies-Urban Ministry at the Alliance University in NYC.  

She is a CMA-Certified Movement Analyst at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC. 

She is also an RSMT-Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and RSME-Registered Somatic Movement Educator at ISMETA-International Somatic Movement Education Therapy Association in NYC.

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Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill is the Founder/Director of God Moving Creation-Dance Project - Bible Ministries (DPB Ministries)   And the Founder and former President of Express Christ Center, a nonprofit organization.  Both ministries are in NYC where she lives and teaches. Her husband, Rev. Kim Andrew Kingshill, works alongside her. 


Min. Sky as she is better known has been working in the areas of Movement and Dance for over 40 years with a focus on the scriptures for over 35 years.

She has developed several workshops and two main seminars: 'God moving in my soul' (7 hours of theory and movement/dance) in which she teaches about Breath, Image/Name, Fruit of the Spirit, and the 3 dimensions of Love.

And 'Express Christ', in which she teaches how musicians, actors, and other artists can bring their art into motion to express the love of Christ. Through this last seminar, she developed the Gathering 'Express Christ' which ran for over 12 years in NYC. These gatherings brought together various churches to worship God through the arts of dance, drama, music, etc... They worshiped as one body. 

For having studied the Bible at the Theological Seminary and taken several certificate courses in the areas of arts, education, and science. And mainly by the grace of God Min. Sky has developed several educational, anatomical, and scripture-based dance classes to enhance the teaching of other dance ministers, teachers, leaders, and advanced dancers in Worship/Praise Dance as well as other arts. She does this in public, but mostly in private sessions. So, you too can turn to her to help your own ministry.

 Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill developed the Worship and Praise Movement/Dance teaching methodology based on the love dimensions of prayer from Paul Ephesians 3:14-21. She started it in 1993 and wrote her first book about it in 2003-Liturgical Movement - A Process for Restoration. After starting to teach the dimensions in her seminar God Moving in My Soul, she delved further into her second book The Choreography of God 2013.

 And from 2020 to 2022 she connected these dimensions with ‘The Holy City of God' in Revelation 21.

As a result of this long study, she now teaches a 3-hour workshop about the dimensions of love-Ephesians 3:14-21. (You can take this workshop to your church to deepen your Worship or Praise groups in any area. This workshop will help deeply spiritually and physically.

Min. Sky also developed the Composition/Choreography process (STS) mentioned in her books. This process has been used by several dance teachers and choreographers. 

This process is based on Ephesians 4-Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ.

Worship Dance Through Hebrew Letters

 In 2013, the Holy Spirit spoke again and showed the Hebrew Letters to Sky.

She then started studying the Hebrew Alphabet.  Since she realized that each letter has movements given by God. However, she only decided to teach Worship Dance Through Hebrew Letters in 2020 when the pandemic began and God said: This is the time for people to learn deeply about me. Since then, Sky has been teaching the Worship Dance Through Hebrew Letters class every semester.


In her process of using movement/dance in worship and for healing/restoration, she has helped individuals, groups, and families in Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, the Bahamas, and the USA, especially in New York City where she lives. 


Min. Sky, is the author of the book The Choreography of God, 2013. (You can find it on Amazon)

And Liturgical Movement A Process for Restoration 2003. (Sold off) 

And she is writing now her third book 'The Choreography of Church'


Min. Sky works with ministers, leaders of worship/praise, advanced dancers, church teams as musicians, actors, and choir.

And Persons suffering from a variety of abuse, past and present; having special needs such as in the 'Autism Spectrum'; desiring to understand cultures through movement; wanting to use movement to enhance their communication approach in their work; desiring to relieve stress or anxiety.

However, the most important movement for her is ‘The use of our everyday movement in worship to God. 

She believes that we can worship God everywhere through our actions in movements through the Fruit of the Spirit and God’s word imitating Christ. She also believes that worship restores.

To book Min. Sky or for questions send an email to 

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