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Worship and Praise Dance

Through Hebrew Letters



 Jan 12–Jun 21, 2024.



April 26

May 10, 24

June 7, 21

WHAT: Worship Dance Through Hebrew Letters from March to June. 7 Letters.
In these classes, you learn much more than what each letter means. You learn to express the movements that are already within you through the meaning of the letters. The Teacher helps you realize how special you are by bringing forth the movements that live within you to worship your Creator.
Additionally, you learn the origin of the letter, its meaning, pictograph, Gematria, form/design, and the connections with the Bible.

Furthermore, you learn how it relates to other letters as if it were a choreography. 'So you move/dance like never before'
WHEN/WHERE: Classes meet every other Friday at 7 PM (Eastern Time-NYC-USA) via Zoom. (So you can do it from anywhere. Just watch the New York City time where the class takes place.)
HOW/WHO: You don't need to have experience in movement/dancing, but you need to know the basics of the Bible.

Ministers and ministry leaders in worship/praise dance or other arts will benefit greatly from these classes.
And because the theory is very rich and deep in the Bible, anyone such as Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, and leaders of any ministry can take these classes, the classes will lead you to have an intimate relationship with God.
To register, simply buy a ticket for a class or the special promotional package for all letters on the website. Or send the fee via PayPal or Zelle

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These classes will specifically facilitate how we can dance and move in worship and praise through the Hebrew Letters.

The Hebrew alphabet (Aleph Bet) has 22 letters


 There are 22  Hebrew letters. Each one brings deep movements of worship and praise.

 For this period Min. Sky will teach the letters 1 to 12 with the aim of connecting to scriptures in order to move and dance in worship and praise to God.

 What to learn:  

-What does the letter number mean in the bible?

-Where did the letter come from (origin)

-What God is saying through that specific letter.

-How to perceive movements that come from the meaning of the letter connected with the bible.

-How to transform the movements into a dance of worship or praise or both at the same time.


-At the end of each class, we will go into deep worship of God.

-You will gain a rich knowledge of the Hebrew letters in connection to the scriptures which will open your heart and spiritual eyes to a deeper worship.               




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Thank you Angel&Billy Chavis-Testimonial

 Thank you, Maria Irizarry
Hebrew Letter Dalet-Door painted during class


Dalet from Maria.jpg

For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ Acts 28:17

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