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(Laban Movement Analysis)

LMA is a method for visualizing, describing, and interpreting movement

 LMA is based on 4 components: Body, Effort, Space, and Shape.

 Body –What is moving.

 Effort – How it moves.

 Space - Where to move…

 Shape – How the body changes.

The intent of the DPB classes is not to learn LMA.

 but how to use LMA tools to live, work and enjoy life better.


Why LMA 4 all

Pastel Swirl

Today people are tired, anxious, sad, and losing focus. Some are losing awareness of their environment. 

Especially on the streets but also in the home. Violence is increasing and people are harming themselves and others. 

Some are getting more violent and angry in their responses.


Also, people at work are producing less and feeling more stressed. Even Christians who work in ministries are getting tired. 

As much as we can blame the spiritual side, there are some things that happen to the body and brain itself that change our responses.

When we understand the four LMA tools our body, effort, space, and shape we can focus better, and We produce better. We respond better not only in the workplace but especially in our family.

Have you heard the phrase: 'It is not what you say, it is the way you say' (the way you say is the effort) 

Objective - Help in the following areas below

Peach Paint

Work from home

Working on the laptop

       For those working from different places

Help anyone who is employed in any kind of job, especially when dealing with teams, groups etc.

  • Teachers, Nurses, Police Officers, Supermarket Employees, Postal Workers, Delivery Workers, and more.

  • Assist to better understanding how to spend less effort on tasks.  

  • Assist to communicate easier and more effectively with others.

  • Pastors/Preachers will improve their body language in public.

  • Movement/Dance Teachers will improve their plans for better classes.

    These are just a few examples: Everyone can take LMA classes and find productive applications.

  • Focus better: computer, electronic devices, general work.

  • Complete daily tasks better:  fixing things; chopping food items,

  • getting something off the shelf; putting things in the right places, and remembering where they are afterward!

  • General body actions: lying down, getting up, sitting, standing, walking

  • Avoiding injuries when doing the above things.

  • Families improve their relationships with each other.

  • How to communicate everything you want without being aggressive.


 By Zelle to

Click on the picture below to go to the tickets page. Or go to the home page. 

LMA Workshop.jpg

               DATE: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH FROM 7 TO 9:15 PM




       Fee $ $70



August, September 3rd-Regular fee= $70


              Whom can I take LMA?

  •  Group: family, couples, work teams, etc...

  • ​ And individual


  •  Internet Platforms via  ZOOM


To know more about Min. Sky just click on her picture below

sky easter_edited.png
  • How Min, Sky has helped others using LMA

​I have helped others especially when I was a missionary.

  • In Thailand, I helped internationals, teachers, doctors, lawyers, computer workers, bank clerks, actors, dancers, singers, and others. They were from different countries and most from the USA.

  • ​In Brazil, I helped families in Chemical Dependency and

  • Co-Dependency to leave drugs and recovery with their families. By the grace of God, these families are over 16 years free.

I also helped Pastors and Missionaries to be better preachers and more effective leaders when they realized that body language can make you or break you on stage.

More importantly, I helped them to be better within their families.

  •  In NYC I have privately helped several people in different areas

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