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TTT@DPB-Opening Christmas
12/11/21. From 10 AM-1 PM
By zoom live on Facebook 
Free for all with registration. 
Please RSVP at contact form below and let us know what you would like to present.
Read "about" on the side

    TTT@DPB-Register here. 

Thanks for submitting!

DPB will show your home decoration, tree, singing, dancing and anything else you and your family enjoy at Christmas
It's a free event for everyone.
Please say what you want to show by sending a message at contact form or email below.

TTT at DPB stands for

Talking, Teaching, Tips.

Or Talking teaching tips.

-In the talking part, we will bring guests in dance and other areas.

-In the teaching part, we will bring different kinds of dance / movement in worship and praise to God. As well as other areas of education and health.

-In the tips she gives on dance, choreography, teams, garments, Staging and life etc...

To participate as a guest send a message at contact us below.

All Videos

All Videos

**Please RSVP at link below**


 For guests who want to promote their ministries. 
​Please donate $30 or more to help this ministry.

         Your time will be of 10 minutes live.

                 What can you do as a guest:

(Within 10 minutes you will be able to speak

and present your artwork,

 and or promote your ministry and event.      


A-you can live with min. Sky when zooming in that day.

B-You can upload a video on YouTube, and we'll show you that day.

C-You can do both: Upload a video and be live.

                               ***Please notice***

                  How to donate: Read below

Or send by Pay Pal $33 or more at link below 

 Donate $30 or more By ZELLE   to 

PARTICIPANTS ONLY: Everything is free

If you're just going to watch it live, you don't have to donate. Only if you feel in your heart to help this program.

Send any amount through the sources above = Zelle or Pay Pal -

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