***Please notice: Class fees are Non-Refundable***
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Our teen worship dance will be an online interactive dance class, where students will learn the importance of their name, the differences between secular and worship dance, creative movements, group exercises and understanding the use of praise instruments from a biblical perspective.

The expected outcome is that each student leaves the sessions with an understanding that they are a unique creation and their worship is important to God.

Hip Hop Class
Teens group of 5  or more  = $12 (Each) 
  For teams of 5 and more please follow instruction below: 
1- Click the Pay Pal bottom below. 
2- Add price for each participant
3-Then put the final price where it says
 (price per item) 
4- Pay by Pay Pal or Credit Card. 
Example: If you have 10 teens . Knowing that each teen is $12 you will place 120.00 where it says
(price per item) 
    Then continue the  process normally 
        (Do not use '$' Just the amount )