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Somatic Movement Therapy Works the balance of the body system through anatomy, physiology, and human kinetics (kinesiology) developing a body-mind relationship to bring a healthy integrated lifestyle.
(By Min. Sky)

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Each Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator works with their expertise area.

Minister Sky-Ceu Kingshill is a Somatic Movement Therapist and a Somatic Movement Educator.

Her credentials in these areas come from her certification by the largest institute of somatic education in the United States ISMETA.

And also as a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) in the Laban Method by the largest institute of Certification in the United States Laban/Bartenieff-Institute s of Movement Analysis.

However, she considers that the most important of her specialties comes from 35 years of working with different cultures, watching, and helping people get out of somatic emotional pain. (Pain, you feel but the doctors don't detect anything. It hurts, it is real)

There are many testimonials with permission in her first book Liturgical Movement – A Process to Restore 2003 from when she was a Missionary in Thailand and Brazil. Especially in the churches. And she has several testimonials in NYC that she does not post because she respects the privacy of everyone.

For Christians: Because of Min. Sky is also a minister of the Word of God, she applies the Bible and prayers to the therapeutic process at the beginning and end of her sessions.

This has helped many Christians in the churches and private.

For more information from Min. Sky go to the link of her Bio Below.

   Below is a testimony of the Licensed Mental Health Therapist
   Christina Morgan-Diaz. She has been pain-free for over four years.

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