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Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT) is a process that works to balance the body system through anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology connected with the perception of daily life, environment, and lifestyle to better live a healthy life.
(By Min. Sky)



For those who have suffered an accident or have a pathological issue, you will need permission from your doctor or from the Physical Therapist to say you can move or mention which movements you cannot do


Zoom sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August to October of 2023. Registration will open in July and private sessions will start at the end of August. But if you already have questions send an email to

 at contact us below

  Somatic Movement Therapy techniques



It includes but is not limited to breathing exercises, working the 5 senses, body balance, space, efforts/dynamics, etc...

All work leads the person to focus on the here and now which makes the person reduce stress and physical and emotional pain.

Each Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator works with their expertise area.

Min. Sky works focusing on two very strong systems, Body-Mind Centering, and Laban Method and for this reason, she can offer these sessions online.

 As Min. Sky is a Christian, she applies prayer and biblical passages to Christians which brings the person to see and feel the connection of body, mind (soul), and spirit.

Min. Sky is starting at the end of August and she will open SMT as below.

  1. (SMT) For those who suffer from any emotion caused by pathological or non-pathological pain. Example: If you are suffering because you had a fall, accident, or even surgery. And if it brings you emotions like anger, fear, shame, or sadness, this session is for you.

  2. (SMT) To improve a specific problem. It could be an injury or a problem resulting from a situation, environment, etc. For example, the post-pandemic makes people feel very tired, anxious, sad, and lose focus. Some are losing awareness of their surroundings. Especially in the workplace, at home, on the street, and in everyday life. Therefore, many are increasingly harming themselves and others.

  3. (SMT) For people at work who are producing less and feeling more stressed. Some are getting more violent in their responses.

As much as we can blame the spiritual side, there are some things that happen to the body (toxins, etc…) and the brain itself that change our responses. Movement produces the neurotransmitters endorphins and dopamine that bring contentment and energy.

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