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Prayer In Movement.


Pray and move the scriptures understanding each part of our body as the temple of God. Direct our spirit body and soul to the things of God to understand His purpose in 2022


*** Bring your top prayer requests for 2022. If you can share, we'll pray for. ***


Objective: Enter a deep spirituality through prayer and worship with a focus on the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. (Reading scriptures in class.)



Start the year well.

In this workshop, you will learn how to move and pray in the right direction for 2022 based on God's Holy City in Revelation.

The Holy City of God has 12 precious stones and 12 gates. On January 15th, we will focus on the first stone jasper. You will be amazed at what God has for 2022 and for you.

In addition to the time to refresh and renew to start the year off right. Min. Sky will deliver a message about the year 2022. The Holy Spirit has been pouring into her spirit since October, and she will deliver to the attendees of this workshop.


You will have a dialogue with God about what you need to say and hear from God for 2022.


*** This workshop ends in a deeper time of spontaneous prayer and worship. ***

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