***Thank you for your registration to Worship Dance Classes***


How to participate: Just click the page ‘at navigation bar’ for each class. Then buy one or two classes. You can register for one person or and teams.

CLASSES WILL BE IN THE Face Rooms or Zoom.

The link for classes will be sent on the day of class if in Face Room and one day before if by zoom. If for you only just click and participate on your class time. (Face Rooms link works better if you have google Chrome.

Teams of minors of any age. /Registration

If you have a team, please register each person. We do not collect any private  information of minors, but please make sure they are healthy to move. (We just need their first and last names, names of the guardian as well as the payment for each person.)

***Please do not register a child who present a cold symptoms  or other like fever etc...

Since we will be online the parent/guardian is the only responsible for the sake of the child. 

After you register your team please send their names by a message to  danceprojectbook@gmail.com


Or contact us on this website.


                             FOR CHILDREN (4-11)

If you have a team of children, you can participate in two ways:


  1. You can tell each parent or guardian to be present with the child when class starts. We will ask who is responsible for that child at class time.

  2. Or you can gather with your team in a place and log on to a laptop with a nice screen where all can appear at the same time with you.


For parent/Guardian-Please notice: During the class, the adult/guardian responsible for the children will not teach movement/dance for their team but just be responsible for them. If the parent/guardian wants to move at the same time, they will need to register themselves as well. Then they must follow our teacher.


Attire: Dress in comfortable clothes to move. Also make sure you feel comfortable with that clothe in front of others.

You are also welcomed to wear a garment of worship but make sure you are free to move with it.