Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill is the Founder/Director of Dance Project - Bible Ministries (DPB Ministries) and the Founder and former President of Express Christ Center, a nonprofit organization.  Both ministries are in NYC where she lives and teaches.  Her husband, Rev. Kim Andrew Kingshill, works alongside her. 


Min. Sky as she is best known has been working in the areas of Movement and Dance for over 40 years with a focus on the scriptures for over 30 years. She has developed two seminars:  ‘God Moving In My Soul’ and ‘Express Christ’. She also has developed several classes based on scripture, anatomy, and space to enhance the work of other dance ministers, teachers, leaders and advanced dancers in Worship/ Praise Dance.


In her process of using movement/dance in worship and for healing/restoration, she has helped individuals, groups, and families in Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, the Bahamas, and the USA, especially in New York City.


Min. Sky, is the author of the book The Choreography of God, 2013. 


Min. Sky works with persons suffering from a variety of abuse, past and present; having special needs such as in the 'Autism Spectrum'; desiring to understand cultures through movement; wanting to use movement to enhance their communication approach in their work; desiring to relieve stress or anxiety. However, the most important movement for her is ‘The use of our everyday movement in worship to God’. 

She believes that we can worship God everywhere through our actions in movement through the fruit of the Spirit and God’s word.

In addition to classes and seminars Min. Sky teaches 7 workshops on God's creation in Genesis. And 12 classes based on the Holy City of God Revelation 21.


In addition, she gives private Zoom sessions on Somatic Movement and Dance Therapy. And in Movement Analysis. To learn more send an email to danceprojectbook@gmail.com



Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill holds a Master’s degree in Professional Studies - Urban Ministry-Alliance Theological Seminary/Nyack in NYC. 

She is a CMA-Certified Movement Analyst at Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC.  She is also an RSMT-Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and RSME-Registered Somatic Movement Educator at ISMETA-International Somatic Movement Education Therapy Association in NYC.


Min. Sky’s Motto: The 5 A’s 

Before she teaches her classes, she asks God how to prepare for the class.  In her pedagogy of teaching, her best practice is based on the 5 A’s:


* Accept each participant as a valuable and creative person in his/her own right.

* Affirm participants constantly.

* Avoid closing a participant's spirit by evaluative comments.

* Allow for group participation or engagement in the process.

* Ample time at the conclusion for participants' feedback on how they experienced the class.


To book Min. Sky for classes and seminar send an email to  danceprojectbook@gmail.com


For information on her ministry in movement and dance go to the link below:

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