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About the teacher: Jessica Leclere 

  • DPB Ministries/God Moving

Jessica Leclere has danced for God for over 25 years. She gave her gift to Jesus one night, specifically at age 13, and cried out to Him, saying that she will serve Him always through dance.

She came to Alvin Ailey for the certification program as a young 19-year-old. She has connected with many dance projects, ministries, and companies over the 15 years she has been living in NYC.

She met Minister Sky in 2019 and saw great humility, conviction, and God’s Spirit within Minister Sky and the DPB Ministry.

In 2020-2021, she gained certification with International Dance Council through DPB Ministries, an organization connected with the United Nations.

She is privileged to be working and partnering with Minister Sky and her ministry.