In 2022 our focus has been on healing and hope. And we will continue this until December.

               From September to November, we will have 12 (Twelve) classes Every Friday evening.

FREE - Every first Friday of the month live on Facebook-

The Holy City of God is our gift back to God.

Time 7-8 PM.

                                                                  For paid classes check the dates below.

Eight (8) paid classes:  3 classes in September, 3 in October, and 2 in November.

                                                                                    Time: 7-8:30 PM.

Platform: via Zoom  

                                                   Each class below will happen two times. Observe dates in red. 


  1. Praise to Heal-Will includes emotional and physical healing through scriptures and movement - ***Good for posture correction and for bringing out somatic emotional pain. In the end, we will bring everything to thank and praise God for our healing.Age:13-80

September 16, 23


   2. Worship Dance - Based on bible texts and Movement through the bible we will focus only on God. Digging deep into the meaning of the bible to worship God. ***Good to understand the difference between secular dances like modern dance, contemporary, lyric dance etc… and worship dance.

Good for church/ministry dance and audience of one. Good for solos and groups. Age: 13-80

Date: September 30, October 14.


 3. Healing Dance through the movements of Jesus.

***Good to understand how Jesus brought healing in the scriptures through movement. How to apply it in our lives today.

Age: 13-80

Date: October 21, 28

 4. Christian Contemporary Dance-CCD (Bible story situation to help express emotion/feeling. This class includes anatomy, posture, and space Age: 13-75

November 11, 18



One class is $25

All together: $155.00


          SUMMER CLASSES.   

To register for summer classes go to the home page and look for the specific event. Click on it RSVP      


OAM-OLDER ADULTS MOVING - WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2022, FROM 2 PM – 3 PM. Via Zoon and in-person in Queens NY. (This class is intended to be weekly in the fall. Come to this unique opportunity on August 10th to understand more about the class.)


GENDER:  Both (male and female) (You can bring your spouses, father, mother, and adult children)

ABOUT: This class will be a mix of the following three areas that usually decrease or increase as the person becomes older:

Even if we are going to work the whole body. In warm-up and endurance, reflexes, and balance. Each class will focus on an area of the body. Example: One class will focus on the upper body, emphasizing the arms. Other on the lower body with emphasis on the feet and so on.


1-Stretching and strengthening the muscles with attention to specific parts of the body depending on each person. For example, the Lower back, neck, knees, etc.

2-Reflexes, focus, and balance.

3 -Coordination, endurance/Aerobics through dancing in an easy way that brings joy and fun

                                                                2- WORKSHOP A


SPACE-A SCALE OF LABAN – SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2022, AT 10 AM – 12 PM, via Zoom

AGE: 13-75

GENDER: Both (male and female)

ABOUT: Laban developed 7 scales of movement. The A scale happens with Transverse Movements which helps the person to explore 12 different ways to move in space.
The transversal movement passes between the center of the body and the periphery of the Kinesphere (Personal Space).
The person moves through all 3 planes and therefore through all dimensions during the scale, following a natural organization of the body to keep itself balanced.


In this two-hour workshop, you will learn the 12 points of the A scale. In addition to learning to read the symbols of each space so you can mix space to create movements and dance like in math adding, subtracting, multiplying etc.

When you learn to read the movement, just like in music you will thrive in your creativity and understand more openly the gift God has given you. God gave all the moves. They are inside you and around you. However, you need to learn to bring it out and learn how to help others bring it out as well.

                                                                  3-WORKSHOP B

IMAGE WORKSHOP- SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2022, AT 10:30 AM – 1 PM via Zoom.

AGE: 13-75

GENDER: Both (male and female)

ABOUT: This part of God Moving In My Soul seminar.

The image of God is not about appearance but function. It is about God’s character. The essence is Jesus, the image of God. (His character)

Every day the enemy tries to distort the image of God and even kill the image of God. In fact, this is the reason we should not kill. Because every time we kill, we are killing an image of God. (More on the workshop)


In this workshop, you will learn how to stand firm in the image that God has given you. You will learn how to free yourself every day of the emotions of Adam that distort the image of God. (Shame, Fear, Anger, Sadness) what brings insecurity, frustration, depression etc.… You will learn how to transfer from a ‘doing’ person to a ‘be’ person. How to understand who you really are in the image of God.
Then you will bring all to the altar of God in movement and Dance.


(For those who don’t want to move will have the chance to sit down during dynamics and have a choice of skipping the last part of movement and dance.)

How to Register: On the website home page.

Register on the website by RSVP, Pay Pal, or by sending the FEE of the specific class via Zelle to


Notice the promotion deadline when you RSVP. All classes are on promotion now.

      The zoom link or in-person address will go after registration.

                                          (All fees are non-refundable)