Children’s Worship Dance
               Age: 4-11
Teacher: Christine Daniel
Since our classes are online
we do not collect any
 children's information .
However the child must be with a guardian in order to begin both
***Please notice: Class fees are Non-Refundable***
Children - Group of 5 and more = $10 (Each) 
  For teams of 5 and more please follow instruction below: 
1- Click the Pay Pal bottom below. 
2- Add price for each participant
3-Then put the final price where it says
 (price per item) 
4- Pay by Pay Pal or Credit Card. 
Example: If you have 5 children. Knowing that each child is $10 you will place $50 where it says (price per item) 
    Then continue the  process normally 
(At price per item do not put '$'  just the amount)