Dance Project Bible (DPB)  is an official Ministry (LLC) 

As a ministry, we have served the community of NYC since 2005. 

The Founder and teacher, Min. Sky-Ceu Kingshill, has over 30 years of experience as a Dance Educator, Choreographer and Minister in dance and restoration through scriptures.

She has been teaching classes, workshops and seminars in the USA, The Bahamas, Thailand, Brazil and Ecuador.

For more information about Min. Sky go to the link below.

We also partner with other teachers who are invited to teach at our program from time to time.  We accept volunteers for work-studies and work exchange for classes.

DPB has given several scholarships for our certificate program.


DPB offers different classes to help enhance other dance ministries in NYC, NJ and PA.  Especially those Ministers in dance who are interested on how to bring scriptures into movement to transform in worship dance. 

All classes are designed to bring out the best of each person and help them to perceive their talents and gifts in worship.  Therefore they can go back to their own communities and help others.

At DPB Ministries we offer: Worship Dance, Christian Contemporary Dance, Praise Dance, 

Composition/Choreography, Anatomy of Dance, Educational Dance, Leadership Development, Flags/Banners, God Moving In My Soul seminar (Worship Dance/Restoration through scriptures), Prayer in Movement and others. 

To know details about each class, send an email to danceprojectbook@gmail.com



Our classes and seminars happen at different areas in NYC, and every year DPB partners with different ministries, mostly in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

In the past, Min. Sky has had classes at Manhattan Bible Church, Evangel Church, Salvation Army Church, Family Church/Studio, continuing a good relationship with each one.

Visit our Facebook page below and look for event pages. Or check flyers at this website.


Usually our classes happen on Saturday. One class every other Saturday. Or two classes once per month. 

(We envision our own spaces. Or spaces in partnership to offer more opportunities) Check schedule at our website) 


With so many ministries in dance out here what is the difference of DPB Ministries. Why do you want to have classes with us?

  1. At DPB you do not imitate a teacher’s movement: You learn processes to enhance and develop your own teachings. Or to enhance your own skills 

  2. Min. Sky, the main teacher and founder of DPB studied several types of dance including:

(Classic Ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Afro Jazz, Educational Dance, Contact Improvisation, Dance and Movement Therapy, Composition/Choreography and butoh dance (Japanese Dance)  As well as she studied, Physiology, Kinesiology, Psycho-motor Education etc… 

As a Certified Movement Analyst, a graduate in Seminary, and many years of experience, Min. Sky was able to develop (for many years) specific classes to help students not only physically but in other areas such as emotionally and especially spiritually. Min. Sky considers that it is only by God and the teaching of the Holy Spirit that she can bring special classes that gives a solid process for the student to move forward in worship dance and in life.

Therefore, when you come to learn at DPB you have two classes in one. Every class is like a workshop in 3 hours. That is the amount of time Min. Sky has found out that the student can have a good experience and teach a class forward.

  3. At every class the participant receives a theory specific for each class. Therefore, they can go back and with permission of Min. Sky they can teach that class forward. 



Our Goal


1- To promote Opportunities for Classes and Seminars serving those who want to improve their work through movement/dance and other forms of 'arts'


2- To assist groups to develop commitment in their own ministries and churches as well as making partnerships with them.


3- To connect with people who worship/praise and restore through Scriptures using the 'arts' as a process.


4-To create a  local, national and International network.

(We have been doing this since 2005 by praying, giving our support, and connecting worshipers with each other in classes, gatherings, encounters, etc...)


5- To assist other ministries to develop their own projects in their local churches and ministries. 




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