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For in him we live
and move
and have our being.
Acts 17:28
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( LMA 4 ALL ). The name has a double meaning. It means that Min. Sky will teach the 4 elements of Laban movement analysis and that the workshop is for everyone. 


Laban Movement Analysis is another language/system to enhance your work and life. It is like you would take a course to improve any area in your life and career. For example, you take computer, cooking classes, etc… 


  Why it will be a very special workshop.

 In addition to all 4 categories (Body, Effort, Space, Shape) being taught, it will emphasize two extremely important categories today for relationships not only with family but also with co-workers and others. 

  1. It will emphasize 'Cube in space' 

You will learn to connect the 8 points of the cubes with the 8 personalities of movement.  For example: Some people are Dab, some are Punch, some are Glide. (And there are 5 more) 


 Results from '1' 

You will realize what movement/personality you use when you communicate. You will learn the opposite of it to use at the right time. You will recognize the movement personality of the person you are communicating with so that you can improve your communication with them. 


2- It will emphasize Shape- Shape in Movement Analysis does not refer to the shape of things, body shape, drawings, etc... Shape in movement analysis means 3 ways of communicating with others and yourself. And 3 ways to adapt in space.  Besides that, the shape area helps a lot with speaking in public. For example: You may be a great singer or speaker but when you understand the three shape models you will understand which one to use for the right occasion, indoors, outdoors, etc...


 Results from '2'

You will enhance any performance in public, any public speaking. Adapt to different situations in life. Your communication will be sharp.



All of the above is why I chose this workshop as my first workshop of the Fall. I want to help you with something that will give you a little push to move your projects and or life forward next year. 

I am proof of what I am saying. It was when I understood my style of communication and movement pattern that I could enhance my perception and reach my vision. Since then with the help of God, I wrote 2 books, founded and developed a non-profit organization, taught an international certification program twice in my ministry, and lately taught the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. All these need a lot of focus, discipline, and lots of prayer.  During all four achievements, I had to do everything else as a Minister, wife, etc.… But through LMA I learned how to prioritize.

Furthermore, sometimes we are great people and have wonderful ideas but the way we approach people and life becomes a cycle that does not help us to move forward. So things keep repeating and we keep stuck in the past because we don't know how to get out of the cycle. We don’t have the tools to reach the vision.

For Christians: "LMA is not to replace anything spiritual of God. It just gives you some tools that will help you to see things more clearly just like you take any other class to enhance your life."

Min. Sky 

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